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Museum of American Heritage room filled with dusted antiques from cars to chairs.

Timekeeping has come a long way since the sundial, the Egyptians' preferred method for measuring time. For a fascinating look at the evolution of keeping time, from 3500 BC to date, head to Palo Alto's Museum of American Heritage. On April 18, the museum opens Time Machines: Clocks & Timekeeping, a temporary exhibit exploring 5,000 years of methodology and mechanisms. Mingle with locals and guests of Palo Alto boutique hotels for this trip back in time, which is open Fridays through Sundays, 11 am to 4 pm (sharp). Whether you still rely on your trusty Timex or have turned timekeeping over to your iPhone, this free exhibit is an intriguing look at how far we've come.

Address: 351 Homer Ave., Palo Alto