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The Dragon Productions Theatre Company: Illusion and Reality at the Heart of an Evil Empire

Less than 15 minutes by car from the Menlo Park Inn, Dragon Productions Theatre Company brings together a vibrant ensemble of performers dedicated to providing the Bay Area community top-notch theater that is both affordably priced and responsive to its audience’s cultural needs and curiosities. You and your fellow audience members are sure to feel immersed in the magic of performance when you attend a show in the intimate, 65-person theater space that the Dragon players call home. Cirque Exotique du Monde, the next show to go up on the company’s eclectic performance schedule (Sept 15 - Oct 8), is inspired by the legendary Circus Sarrasani. Picture it: Berlin, 1936. An eccentric anthropologist wanders into the world’s most famous circus in search of the bizarre. The company of misfits then attracts the attention of Magda Goebbels, wife of Hitler’s notorious Minister of Propaganda. The ensuing collision of scientific exploration, political exploitation, and theatrical artistry produces a dramatic experience of extraordinary pathos in this world premier at Redwood City's Dragon Theatre.

Address: 2120 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063