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Whether your favorite version of Cinderella is a ballet, opera, or the widely popular Disney animated version, you have surely never seen a performance of the classic story like the one that will be performed by The New Ballet on May 18 and 19. The performance will take place at the California Theatre in San Jose, which is only about half an hour from the Menlo Park Inn. This unique performance features a shortened run time which makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to the theater. Even though the run-time is a little shorter, this performance still contains all of your favorite characters like the Fairy Godmother, the prince, and, of course, Cinderella herself. Additionally, director Dalia Rawson has added some flair while including the classic score from Profokiev. Whether this is your first experience with the magic of Cinderella or your 50th, you will be delighted by the imaginative interpretation performed by The New Ballet.