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Staff Picks

A Black Tie and Sandals on Valentine's Day

California’s Baja Peninsula is a romantic melting pot of climates and cultures. Why not take your date for a black-tie sort of evening or a breezy walk through nature this Valentine’s Day. 

An Evening at the Theater

Popcorn has its place and time. Instead of parking at the movieplex this Valentine’s Day, slink down the aisle of the Pear Theatre, one of the Peninsula’s brightest acting hubs. Slip into a couple of their plush seats, and enjoy the sort of magic that only happens right before your eyes.

Spark a Love of Nature

The Ravenswood Preserve isn’t nearly as spooky as it sounds. In fact, the southern portion in East Palo Alto provides plenty of family-friendly access to the public. There’s a bicycle and pedestrian trail surrounding the marsh, which attracts blue herons and white pelicans, and two different observations decks! There from you can look out at the bay’s stirring expanse.