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Pulgas Ridge Preserve

oak shaded trail in pulgas ridge preserve

Menlo Park has plenty of options for outdoor enjoyment. Pulgas Ridge Reserve, just 7 miles from Menlo Park Inn, is open on weekdays for safe, socially distanced recreation. We wanted to share some information about this special 366-acre site for future visits.

The open hours of this protected area are from half an hour before official sunrise until half an hour after official sunset. The preserve has six miles of winding trails, some of which offer access to canyons or ridge tops with expansive views towards the bay and surrounding hillsides.

Pulgas Ridge Preserve is home to around 90 native species of trees, shrubs, ferns, and flowering plants. In early spring, the preserve puts on a beautiful display of wildflowers, including Indian warrior, hound’s tongue, mule’s ears, and milkmaids, along with some pretty lilies. The beautiful gnarled oak trees in the preserve are often covered with soft moss.