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Concerts of the West Coast

Menlo Park is working up a sweat, nestled as it is between Stanford University and the cooling breezes of the bay. Into the month of August there’s still plenty of summer-minded things for individuals and families staying at Menlo Park Inn to do. That’s why we’re drawing up this brief guide to high-energy music and soothing tunes scheduled during the coming weeks. With Redwood City so close by (about ten minutes by car), we decided to start with a series called Music in the Park. Simple enough, and naturally it takes place in good old Stafford Park. This free outdoor event is every Wednesday between 6 and 8 o’clock.

While you might not look to the Stanford Shopping Center for much more than home furnishings and bedroom curtains, its Summer Jazz group will give ten weeks of performances there every Thursday evening, beginning at 6 o’clock. This year they celebrate their 30th anniversary of bringing you a variety of jazz stand-outs, a Palo Alto tradition! You can find the musicians tuning their instruments near the Neiman Marcus store in what’s referred to as The Plaza. Want to hear even more jazz standards during your stay in California? Head back to Anjelica’s, a fine upscale dining establishment on Main Street, Redwood City.

Get there by 8:30 PM, August 19th to catch the Julius Melendez Latin Jazz Septet in a live performance. Next, we have another variety of instrumental music for you to consider with graduates of the prestigious Juilliard School, from the Upper West Side in Manhattan. These musicians form a duo they’re calling Soliloquy (violinist Ariel Horowitz is currently a student of Itzhak Perlman at the school). They’ll be performing music intended for two violins from Benedikt Brydern, Bela Bartók, and Joan Tower at 3 o’clock. Located at 854 Bruce Drive in Palo Alto. And don’t miss out on the snacks, available an hour before the concert.